Riding Bikes with Kids

25 09 2007

We were eagerly seeing some of the shots taken by one of our friends over the weekend and this one caught our attention…


This unintentional shot triggered a discussion on Kid’s safety. Who is responsible for the safety of kids in the vehicles?

In this case, it seems that the rider had transferred the responsibility to the Kid.  Wonder what is he carrying in the sack. It seems to be so precious that he is holding it so close.

Who is held responsible when kids gets hurt in accidents?  Do we consider negligence angle as done in several countries. Do we have clear rules or guidelines on Kid’s safety in these situations ?

Thanks to Ram Prakash for sharing this picture and giving consent for publishing this in Chennai Traffic blog.




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26 09 2007

Everytime I see these irresponsible people, my blood pressure goes up. fcuking azzholes. I feel like bloody hand them upside them and shoot them in their balls. He is wearing a helmet to protect himself, where is the protection for kids.

30 09 2007

Nice posting, nice thoughts and good vent of ire by Vivek. But, even if the rider cares to buy a helmet for that kid (until recently) he would have to be extremely lucky to get one. Even if he gets one likely it would not be a branded one. All these are pointers to the level of thoughts and care those who do anything to grab power have. They don’t care to enact laws as in many countries. Like ‘rulers’ like ‘the ruled’ (& of course vice versa too). Don’t be offended, but until, we find a way to change our laws (better put a way to change our law-makers), all such posts can do is shoot the BP of good-hearted readers. But then, that shouldn’t stop you from posting. You never know what one can contribute. Keep going…

15 01 2008

hi dude your post is nice iam planing to create a blog on chennai`s happening so i want you to write for it your posts so that we can bring chennai to the outer world.


18 02 2008
The perils of travel blogging « Deadlines and Dosas

[…] with three, four or even five passengers (for example two adults and three children). One blogger laments this trend and how it is putting children at risk. Riding an auto in Chennai is less risky, but only just. In […]

11 06 2008

When you come to bangalore you can see a lot and worse things like this..! after coming to bangalore I find drinving in chennai a pleasure..!

24 03 2013
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