Repeating Accidents in Ashok Nagar 11th Ave.

5 09 2007

If accidents repeats in the same area, we term it as an accident prone area. It is time the traffic authorities declare the turning from Ashok Pillar to 11th Ave. as an accident prone area.

You might have read our previous post on a scuffle between the MTC bus drivers at 11th Ave. See these pictures. The same scene was repeated on Saturday (01st September 2007), but this time it was a car vs. MTC bus.


We reached the spot minutes after the accident took place, so we are not in a position to explain on how it happened. We just want to highlight some basic issues here.  The bus was stopped almost at the center of the road as evident in the next two photographs. The same was the case in the previous incident.


This bus stop is just after a turn and a signal. Authorities should think of moving it further down the road or take steps to make the vehicles stop properly.




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16 10 2007

Hope the above changes solves the problem.


17 10 2007

Hi, Anand,

Thank you for visiting the blog and entering your comments! we expect more discussions on the topic.

No about the proposed traffic modifications:

* Everytime there is a change, we hope that the change would solve a problem. But with the current changes are not enough to solve the problem.

* These changes looks like an adhoc arrangement.

* The roads are going to be clogged with this arrangement.

* The news does not provide information on where would the bus stops be? We have around 4-5 bus stops in that area.

*Drivers are going to get more road space. With the current driving styles, drivers do not need much time to create enough traffic blocks.

* Let us take on instance: There is a bus stop near udayam and on in the 11th Avenue. According to the new plan, the stop near udayam will be moved to 11th Ave.(most probably). Just see the photographs we have in this blog on 11th ave. and imagine the effect of more buses in that route.

* The news also does not make it clear whether there will be lane rules?
Without lane rules, wide roads are ineffective.

* The changes came as a surprise. We are watching the changes and would come up with the pros and cons in a few days.

17 10 2007

Yes, the points you have put forth are valid. I too take these roads daily to reach my office. For me its been a double whammy of sorts. I live in Ekkattuthangal and go to office in T-nagar. The traffic changes in both places affect me.

Will give feedback on both these areas once I use them for a few days.


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