Innovative idea to stop drunken driving

17 08 2007

Watch this video on IBNLIVE. A simple innovative idea to stop drunken driving.–behold-a-urinal-talks-on-dangers-of-drinking.html

Hope some one would try this in our cities…



4 responses

18 08 2007
crash course

I think that’s a very good idea. Every reminder you can give people is good. And as for people stealing them – think where they’ve been and how likely you are to put them in your pocket!

29 09 2007

If we introduce this in chennai, those devices would be stolen and sold in the black market the very first day !!!

8 07 2010

In India, those devices could still get stolen for their individual components. Besides, if someone is already drunk, how is any message going to register?!?!

30 05 2011

Here’s an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad driver online.

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