Traffic Park in Chennai

13 08 2007

Road Safety and Traffic Education – Part II

This place gives a hope that at least the next generation would make our roads safer. These are pictures from the Traffic Park in the Tamilnadu Science & Technology Center, Chennai.

<< Neatly laid roads and the clear pedestrian crossing with the correct signals are a must for any good traffic system.
<< The sign boards provides details on the various traffic signs. The petrol bunk gives the park a real life look.


<< With these clear markings, kids would learn the lane rules much faster.
<< From the pavilion… You can sit and watch the traffic in the park.
<< The photographs of men in uniform giving directions would help the kids learn the traffic signs and how to follow them.
<< Kudos to this person.
Even though, he could not get any toy vehicle, he decided to take these kids for a walk through the roads. He was explaining to the kids on how to follow the signs and rules while driving.

Areas of improvement:

  • The park lacks real vehicles. Some traffic parks provide toy vehicles for kids. Real traffic situation is created and kids are taught on how to handle those situations. Not sure whether this facility is temporarily unavailable or they have decided to close this facility altogether.
  • More involvement from the public (students and parents). Even though it was a Sunday, there were only very few parents in this area of the park.
  • Support from the NGOs to maintain and promote this initiative.

Best part:

  • Entrance fee to the entire park area is Rs. 2, making it affordable to the common man.

Location: Tamilnadu Science & Technology Center, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chennai- 600 025




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8 08 2010
contractors name please who developed this.want to make the same.rajnish

pl provide details of contractor who made this.thanks

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