Ashok Nagar 11th Avenue – The story continues…

19 07 2007

The traffic chaos at Ashok Nagar 11th Avenue remains the same.

In one of the previous posts you might have seen the photographs of traffic block at night. Now see some photographs of the same location from a different angle. This time, the camera is focused from the 11th Ave. on the signal towards RTO office.

The traffic signal is green for vehicles from RTO office side towards 11th Avenue.

On the left end see the two wheeler on the wrong side. The bus drivers need to attend a few lessons on how to take a turn. The Car and Van is in a hurry to reach the 100 ft. road. See the cyclist… he is definitely in danger. But he braves his way through the traffic.

The traffic signal is not visible to those waiting on the 11th Ave. to proceed towards RTO office/100 ft. road.

There is a right turn for those driving from the 100 ft. road. But the green bus, the van, and the cars could cause a traffic block that could last for an hour.




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