Which lane should I drive?

18 07 2007

While driving, we try to follow some basic rules. If we need to turn left, we move to the left lane or try to occupy the left most area on the road at least 50 meters before the turn. See the graphical representation of a road with lanes.

Even if lanes are not drawn on the road, it is easy to follow an imaginary lane.

Now see the photograph. All the lanes are occupied by MTC and private buses.
There is a left turn and right turn. The buses that occupy the left and right lanes are long distance MTC buses that need not take any turn. Imagine how it would be to drive a motorcycle or a car in this traffic.

 Photograph taken in 100 ft. road near Olympia Tech Park (seen in the background)




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19 07 2007

How many roads in Chennai have lanes? How many of the motorists know what a lane is for? Lanes are ‘kolams’ the Govt. draw on roads for Diwali and it will be washed in the next rain!!!
I love your efforts… May your blog bring a change the way the people drive, howsoever small that change be!

20 07 2007
Ivan Wilfred

Absolutely fantastic pal. I live @ 6th avenue,ashok nagar .i’ve always been troubled by these sites in chennai roads, often with anger and frustration about the casual way in which people (esply the bus drivers ,auto drivers and call taxi drivers) flaunt the basic ‘common sense’ traffic rules; the ones like maintaining a clear lane discipline. You have done a truely fantastic job in bring out some of the most irritating and absolutely dumb-witted driving on chennai roads. all kudos man. Hope atleast those who read these blogs,drive with sense in chennai roads.

There are many more upsetting things about driving in chennai… like people driving with High beams even inside city, pedastrians not using the pavements..etc. Hope you will be intrested in blogining about them too..

Anways Pls continue this good job… seriously this could well make some impact for the good …. about Driving in Chennai 😉

Ivan WIlfred

25 07 2007

@Ivan: Definitely… high beams and pavements are their in the agenda. 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging words!

16 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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