Ashok Nagar – 11th Avenue Block

9 07 2007

Now, picture this… Buses on Jawaharlal Nehru Road reaches 11th Ave. and takes a right turn. Most of the time the vehicles from JN road does not follow the traffic signals. Result the traffic in otherwise wide road is blocked completely.

The buses takes a right turn and stops immediately, even if it is at the center of the road. Resulting in the brawls as you see in these pictures. the last pictures shows that the signal is on for those who need to continue on 11th avenue and for those who wants to join the Nagathamman Koil road. But, all those vehicles are stuck there because of the traffic block.
The vehicles plying in the JN road near BSNL in KK nagar also conveniently forget to follow the traffic rules.

The green bus is parked almost in the center of the road.

See another bus (white) squeeze into the space on the left side of the bus.

The red bus tries to squeeze through, but bumps onto the green bus. The red bus driver alights and walks to the green bus. The green bus driver is trying to estimate the damage done.

Both start argueing on who is right. While, a few other buses try to move in with their routine by squeezing through the left side of the green bus. The curious passengars of the green bus are popping out their heads to see what has happened. And there is this smart guy on a bike with his girlfriend or whoever squeezing through the gap available on the right side of the red bus.

While the arguement continues, more people join the fight and the traffic goes green. And there you have all vehicles trying to squeeze through whatever space is available between these jammed vehicles. The traffic is stalled. And the cops are no where to be seen till now. Chaos Rulez!




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13 07 2007

Very nice work. Please take pictures of people taking bribes if possible.

20 07 2007
Ivan Wilfred

Absolutely fantastic pal. I live @ 6th avenue,ashok nagar .i’ve always been troubled by these sites in chennai roads, often with anger and frustration about the casual way in which people (esply the bus drivers ,auto drivers and call taxi drivers) flaunt the basic ‘common sense’ traffic rules; the ones like maintaining a clear lane discipline. You have done a truely fantastic job in bring out some of the most irritating and absolutely dumb-witted driving on chennai roads. all kudos man. Hope atleast those who read these blogs,drive with sense in chennai roads.

There are many more upsetting things about driving in chennai… like people driving with High beams even inside city, pedastrians not using the pavements..etc. Hope you will be intrested in blogining about them too..

Anways Pls continue this good job… seriously this could well make some impact for the good …. about Driving in Chennai 😉

Ivan WIlfred

20 08 2008

Very well analysed….you’re right…hope the Chennai Traffic Police listen to what u have to say…btw…I’m on 7th Avenue

18 09 2008
Prahlad S Kalsi

Automobile industry has developed many folds since last two decades and thrown millions of all sorts of vehicles on indian roads.

Unfortunately, the old road network is the same , very little improvement if any, there is hardly any coordination amongst B & R designers, Traffic Police, water and Sewerage Deptt, Electricity Boards,Telecommunication Deptt, Irrigation Deptt and on top of that lack of awareness or carelessness of marking on the roads and signs and installing of sign-boards as per required by traffic regulations. Even, the majority of concerned officials are not holders or holders of un-authenticated driving licences with scant knowledge of traffic sense.

Country needs a recognisable institutions for crash training courses with testing grounds for drivers of all types all over India. All officials of concerned Departments in road Designs and traffic Police officials & officers must be recognised Driving License Holders. So, Road network must have to be improved expeditiously to meet the equal development of our automobile industry. In today’s India, traffic Police must be trained & equiped with aoutomobiles & other gadgets. Country has sufficient funds.


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